Welcome in M2Q Tech

M2Q Tech is a software provider who integrates the leading edge software applications for industrial plants, adding a concrete value to all the main operations.

Using the new technologies, like smartwatches, RFId, Sensors and Smart Networking, it is possible to achieve results at the right price never possible before.

The applications letthe plant manager know where exactly spare parts are located, how to better maintain the plant, how develop it following a predefined workflow.

All the tools are provided by xLMS, a learning management system, who provides all the plant related information and the training modules in a coherent system.

M2Q Tech works with the best partners to give the needed support for the local system integration and training.


ICU Social Distancing App

M2Q presents ICU, an app for smartphones that allows you to check the interpersonal distance in the working spaces of a company (and similar) in compliance with the rules by the laws based on the CoVid 19 emergency.

ICU helps people to work safely respecting distances. The application notifies, through sound, vibration and text messages, if there is not enough personal safe distances.

ICU also notifies the company of events of non-respect of personal distance, allowing to trace any chains of exposure to the virus.

ICU allows you to recompose any chain of possible infection.

ICU is a computerized PPE in total respect of people's privacy, based on the GDPR legislation.

[In partnership with Eximia and Be | Shaping the Future]


xRAM is the innovative solution for total asset management based on RFId technology.

Total inventory execution and update, asset positioning, technical devices maintenance control, tracking asset displacements, asset logistics - is now possible within a single framework. For every company, asset tracking and availability is fundamental to deliver prompt and high quality services for patients both in normal and critical conditions.

xRAM is already in use in the fashion industry, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecom end health care sectors. xRAM can be delivered in different commercial and technical options from cloud to corporate full licenses.

Atex certified ruggedized RFId tags and readers (tablets) are available to operate in every area of a plant.

The total asset management solution

Total inventory execution and update, asset positioning, technical devices maintenance control, tracking asset displacements, asset logistics. 

xRAM means Real Time awareness of all asset status, location, usage and traceability of any associated event. xRAM is a software web based platform that allows to: simplify the procedures for inventory, logistics, assignment and maintenance of objects inside a building, increase the efficiency of enforcement of the inventory, have a real-time inventory, turn each object into a carrier of detailed information and makes real to fulfill the legal requirements of the inventory manager. Thanks to xRAM it is now possible to track assets in different locations, rooms, buildings, zones, warehouses, choosing whether to assign each asset to a specific responsible. It is possible to record on each RFId tag information about the assets with an unique identification number.

Key benefits:

  • Efficiency - Improve inventory and management procedures
  • Maintenance - Improve maintenance procedure and processes
  • Cost reduction - Time and cost saving on inventory activities and procedures
  • Risk reduction - Risk reduction on critical asset management
  • Quality - Improve processes efficiency and quality
  • Real Time - Real time inventory availability

RFId inventory process:

  • User profile manager
  • Asset Type and Status manager
  • Physical/Logical Location Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Asset moving tracker
  • Inventory manager
  • Inventory reporting History
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Supplier Manager
  • RFid label printing support


Partner: Eximia Srl